Northern Utah Fall Color Photography Workshop Reviews
2010 and 2011

"Wow, the colors are changing fast! I spent Saturday morning at the OVBA Fall Color Photo Workshop and there was so much color to shoot. The maples were a full range of orange and red and the oaks were just starting to lighten. I expect by this weekend the entire mountainside will be glowing. If you haven't been up close and personal with our beautiful mountains yet, do it now! Thanks to Pam Mitchell and the Ogden Camera Club for putting the workshop together."

"First of all, thanks to all those who organized these three workshops! The first one was great. We went to a great location. I can't wait to see where we go next week. I live in Ogden Valley, and do quite a bit of landscape photography when I can, but it's always great to get out and discover new locations. Plus you can never get enough practice!"

"Well, this was my first experience ever with "amateur" photographers. I do not yet own an SLR camera but I am this close (see my fingers almost touching). I have studied cameras and photography, yet I know I have much more to learn. This wonderful opportunity to get together with other interested and knowledgeable people was great. Thank you Ogden Camera Club for helping!"

"Great colors, great scenery, clean mountain air and fantastic instruction. Thanks to Pam, Bill and the other mentors from Ogden Camera Club. For some of the best colors in the state, visit Ogden Valley, you won't be disappointed! I am lucky enough to call this paradise HOME!"

"What a wonderful day! I love nature! This workshop has brought me to the Eden, Utah area for the first time. I have now somewhat experienced Snowbasin and North Fork. They are very pretty and peaceful. Thank you again for providing this opportunity! Thank you Ogden Valley Business Association for arranging these workshops! Thank you Ogden Camera Club for your friendship and advice!"

"Another great day in Ogden Valley. We learned so much about photographing water, focusing, and filters. Can't wait for next week!"

"Another beautiful day in Ogden Valley. The aspens were great color up around Powder Mountain. Thank you all who put this workshop series on, I have learned a lot from this series. I would do another one."

"Wow, what a great location to go to for the final day of the workshops! Powder Mountain was in full color, and it was great to go there. I don't think many people get to see certain parts of Ogden Valley, like Powder Mountain or Snowbasin, during seasons other than winter. So thanks again to those who organized the workshops!"

"Wow! What a glorious morning on Powder Mountain! I wish I was fast enough to catch the moose on the way up but my camera was in the back of the car. Congratulations to those who were ready for the shot. The aspens are in full color and are magnificent to see. Thanks again Ogden Valley Business Association and Ogden Camera Club!"

"The final day of the Fall Color Photography Workshops yielded warm temps and warm yellow aspens. Special thanks to the Ogden Valley Business Association for creating such a popular event. And an extra special thanks to my friends and mentors from the Ogden Camera Club for sharing your knowledge and love of photography."

"I found the workshops gave me a chance to experiment with my 'point and shoot' allowing me a lot more options and more fun creating pictures."

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